Free CCNA Certification

In today’s world, everyone is connected to the global web using various types of networking devices. Reasons for getting connected vary from work related usage, just seeking information, entertainment and also social networking. This networking can be attributed largely to one company, Cisco Systems, Inc., which is not only a leader in networking equipment design but also in manufacturing and selling them worldwide.

ccnaIn order to understand, configure, install, maintain and operate this enormous, expanding network, a large force of technically qualified professionals is needed. CISCO has designed a CCNA certification exam. The CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, which is a proprietary instrument of CISCO. It basically validates that the holder of this certificate is a professional who understands networking and can configure, operate and troubleshoot medium-level switches and routed networks.

What you get eventually

The CCNA certification exam is a 90-minute written test and there are no prerequisites for taking this exam. This means that anyone can take this exam at any time. There are various institutions that offer formal training to students covering the following topics:

  • WAN and LAN design
  • OSI models
  • IP addressing
  • VLAN and WLAN
  • Routers / routing protocols (includes EIGRP, RIP and OSPF)
  • Network security and management (ACL included)

Advantages of CCNA

These are few important advantages of doing CCNA:

  • It is a stepping stone. Globally, it has been shown that the certification can boost one’s career and is needed in reaching the top of the chain.
  • Enhancing Knowledge. Studying for this certification will surely enhance someone’s understanding and knowledge of the core networking concepts and help in excelling in his area of core competencies.
  • Money Matters. It’s very like that once you acquire CCNA, an average person receives an increase of 20% in their pay.
  • Recognition. Having a CCNA certification increases the chances of getting that desired position or place in a sought after company.

Available for free

Cisco, through its learning partners, offers a wide variety of training methods like online classrooms, webinars and classroom courses including books published by Cisco Press. But there is cost attached to such courses, which is somewhat minimal, and is basically used to cater for the cost of maintaining infrastructure and providing income for professional trainers.

But if you have time and the hardware resources available, you can try online free courses available on the internet.

For more information on CCNA and some of the free CCNA training, please click on the following links:

By obtaining a CCNA certification, you will have a strong understanding of networking knowledge and terminology. It’s even mandatory for people to have a CCNA certification in order to apply for many networking positions. With so many options available on internet, you don’t need to pay expensive fees as free training for CCNA is available on net. Good luck!

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