Free Supply Chain Analytics Training

Free Supply Chain Analytics courses are available for a limited time on the website.

freeSupply chains are complex systems involving multiple businesses and organizations with different goals and objectives. Many different analytical methods and techniques are used by researchers and practitioners alike to better design and manage their supply chains. This business and management course introduces the primary methods and tools that you will encounter in your study and practice of supply chains. We focus on the application of these methods, not necessarily the theoretical underpinnings.

This free online course is supplied by and is part of the MITx MicroMasters Credential in Supply Chain Management.

What you will be learning

  • Basic analytical methods
  • How to apply basic probability models
  • Stats in supply chains
  • Formulas and solving optimization models

You can enroll for this free course at

If you’re interested in Supply Chain management or looking to advance to a position that requires these skills, this is a definitely a course you should take. Also, you can browse the EDX website for more courses related to supply chain and even pursue a free MicroMasters Credential from MIT university. This would look great on a resume for a job related to this field.

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