Geographical Information Systems GIS Training

What is GIS?

It is all about the power of mapping; wherein it lets the user visualize, analyze, question and interpret the data to understand the patterns, trends, and gisrelationships. It sounds like only scientists can make use of this technique, but it can be used in any organization, whether it is a small-scale or large one. Every industry can make use of the GIS. In fact, there is a growing interest in the use of this, knowing that they get a strategic value from taking advantage of the GIS.

Benefits of GIS

Seeing that GIS can benefit organizations from any industry and size, the solutions that include the use of GIS has grown rapidly over the years. Many individuals are still trying to understand whether or not getting a certification on GIS is really for them, so here are some of the benefits that you’ll get by the time you acquire the certification.


This is linked either in carrying out a mission, like improving the workflow or the labor savings acquired from automating. Many companies have already benefited from using GIS technology; wherein they have seen dramatic improvements after application. Many of them have reduced the time it takes for their dispatchers to make routes for delivery trucks, for example, around 75%. One company also reduced the time it takes to carry out a mission, from 12% to 15% less driving time, which is done by optimizing routes. It has also improved customer service, thus reducing the amount of return visits on the same site. The appointments are even scheduled more efficiently.

Better at making decisions

This has something more to do about deciding on a location. The most common examples are zoning, planning, route or corridor selection, selection on real estate site, natural resource extraction, conservation and much more. People are starting to realize that by that making the right decision in regards to location; it is important to the success of the organization.

Improved communication

Visualizations and maps that are based on the technology used in GIS assist in the understanding of various situations. It is a new language that aims at improving the communication between different departments, teams, professional fields, disciplines, the public and various organization.

Ways to get GIS certification

If you have finally decided that you are going to take a certification in GIS, you need some training first. You can’t pass the certification without the proper training. You can find a lot of free GIS training online which are designed that you will apply what you have learned onto the organization that you are working for.

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