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What are the Benefits of Google Analytics?

avaMany businesses these days are now setting up their start ups online through their website. Even if the competition is tight, they are still going for it. However, when you find yourself seeing that your website is not doing so well, such as not getting an organic visitor count, you can get the right reason by viewing through Google Analytics.

These days, the use of Google Analytics is incredibly valuable to the commercial success of business. It can affect your marketing campaign all the way to your budget allocation. Before you start looking for a free Google Analytics training which is geared towards professionals that want to use what they learned from the training and apply it to their business.


Google Analytics is so common that even the average person just browsing online already heard about it. This is a web-based platform in that it allows users to collect data from visitors of a website. It will allow a user to collect and then analyze the information gathered about the behavior of the visitor. This includes how the visitor arrived at the website, what they were doing at the website, whether or not they’ve done some conversion or even offer additional information regarding the user themselves.

Benefits to the Business

Basing your decisions regarding the business on the empirical data that you have gathered is very significant to make sure that you have in your hands enough evidence that proves you are not just throwing money away. There are four key areas that Google Analytics gather and provide information to. They are Audience, which is the one that visits your site; Acquisition, which is about how the visitor has got to your site; Behavior, which is about what they were doing at your website; and Conversions, referring to whether they have completed what they have wanted to do. Each of these key reporting elements has its purpose.

Google Analytics is highly used in SEO campaigns of your website. The main benefit of using this technology is how it is completely free. The tool may not be free at all, but it still offers a lot of functionalities that are very important in improving the website’s visibility online.

Training and Support

If you want to learn more how Google Analytics work, you can join in a class from their Analytics Academy, which is completely free. You get to learn about different data analysis tools that are used in determining the website’s status. You also get to prepare for the exam based on this training, which is the Analytics Individual Qualification. This is an internationally recognized exam.

By going through their training, you also get to have your demo account, which is an account that any user of Google can access. You also get to have your Blog and YouTube Channel as well. The blog can help you with articles regarding the topics about this tool, which shows new features regarding the tool and even advice on the upcoming events in the industry. Get your free Google Analytics Training now and take advantage of these offers!




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